French Translation

Translation from French into Serbian

The French language is usedby more than 220 million people across all continents. Therefore, Versus Translation Agency in New Belgrade is your reliable partner if you need to convey your messagefrom French and into French, and if you need accurate translations. We provide translations for a variety of texts from French into Serbian, from personal letters, medical documents, instructions, literary and artistic texts, forms, technical documentation, commercial contents, and important business contracts. Furthermore, we translate audio recordings in a highly professionaland responsible manner, whether these are independent recordings or recordings made part of a video material, such as movies, for example. The French language is specific due to the word contractions and fast pronunciation, for which reason it is the extensive experience oftranslators at Versus Translation Agency that you may rely on for a precise and high-quality upshot. We are also at your disposalfor translating conversations, as well as other contents that suit your needs.

Translation from French into Serbian

It is a well-known fact that the French people are proud of their language and appreciate youraddressing them in French, especially in corporate environments. It is important that French text be accurate, true to the original, and translated in the spirit of the language. Versus Translation Agency translates personal and business correspondence, professional, scientific and official texts from Serbian into French, as well as other documents for which it is nice, desirable or necessary to provide high quality translation in French. Diplomas, certificates and educational documents, medical and travel documents, court decisions, contracts, instructions, websites, promotional materials, books and articles, author's literary works and films ... are the most common requirementsfrom Serbian into French.

Court interpreters for the French language, Novi Beograd

Court interpreters working at Versus, Novi Beograd, are at your disposal for translations for which a court interpreter is required. Most often these arethe documents issued by the state authorities, organizations and institutions, such as educational institutions, courts, local self-government units and other institutions for which this kind of certification is necessary. A court interpreter affixes a seal to the translated document thus vouching for the accuracy of the translated document i.e., that the translated document is true to the source/target language. Translated document is as valid as the original one and can thus be used across all official legally binding situations.

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