Translations Holding Sworn Translator’s Stamp

Certified translations

A certified translation is a formal certified document that can be used as an official document.

Sworn translator’s service means both translation and certification of a translated document holding a stamp of a sworn translator. By his/her stamp and signature, a sworn translator vouches for the authenticity of translated original document.

Either original or a certified copy of the original document needs to be submitted so as to complete translation certification process.

Sworn translator is usually engaged in translation of following below:

  • Legal and court documents - adjudications, judgements, court’s and/or other competent authorities’ decisions, different corporate documents, memorandums of association, statutes, contracts/agreements, minutes of meeting, lawsuits, rulebooks, standards
  • Personal documents – birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, identification cards, passports, driving licenses, marital status certificates, citizenship certificates, bank account balance, transcripts, high school certificates, diplomas, accreditations, certificates, residence/ work permits.
  • Corporate documents - extracts from the court register for business registers, financial and audit reports, business and purchase agreements, memorandums of association, statutes, standards, rulebooks, bidding documents etc.
  • Technical documentation - instructions, vehicle titles, installation, software, feasibility studies, feasibility studies, standards, attestations
Clinical (medical reports) and pharmaceutical documentation