Written translations

Certified translations

A certified translation is translation of a document which is formally verified and can be used as an official document. A court translator guarantees for the authenticity of the translation with his/her seal and signature. To obtain a certified translation of the document it is necessary to submit the original document or a certified copy of the original document. Court interpreter services include translation of the original document and certification of the translated document with a seal of a certified court interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Justice or other competent state authority.
Certified translations are legally valid translations of documents, such as:
  • Translations of legal and court documents (certificate of residence, cooperation agreements, records, lawsuits, decisions, rulebooks)
  • Translations of personal identification documents (birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, bank account balances, academic transcripts, school certificates, diplomas, accreditations, certificates, residence/work permits)
  • Translations of corporate documents (excerpts from the business register, financial statements and auditor’s reports, business and purchase agreements, Articles of Association, Statutes, standards, rulebooks, tender documentation, etc.)
  • Translations of technical documentation (required for obtaining certificates of compliance issued by competent state authorities)
  • Translations of medical documentation (medical certificates) and pharmaceutical documentation and reports.

Translations of specialized texts

You need a translation without certification in a specific professional field? Not only do our translators have an excellent command of the language they translate to/from, but they are also masters of the language specific to a particular area: law, finance, medicine, civil engineering, marketing, transportation, architecture, construction... Each member of our team of translators is in charge of a specific area. We carefully select translation experts for each project, and this is directly reflected in the quality of the translation. For larger-scale projects we appoint consultants (engineers, doctors, lawyers, experts in finance and banking).
It is, therefore, important to entrust experienced professionals with your translations.
We care for your reputation!
  • Translations of professional and scientific literature
  • Translations of financial statements
  • Translations of accounting documentation
  • Translations of medical documentation
  • Translations of technical instructions and manuals
  • Translations of software
  • Translations of specialized web sites
Translations of professional Internet presentations

Translations of general content texts

  •  Translations of fiction
  •  Translations of advertising and promotional material
  •  Translations of catalogues, leaflets, presentations
  •  Translations of web sites
  •  Translations of business correspondence
  •  Translations of letters