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A translation and localization specialist for the Slovenian language is increasingly in demand due to the continuous growth of mutual investments between Slovenia and other countries, as well as commercial, educational, and cultural ties.
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Official documents, however, require precision and have strict rules and require expertise.

If you also need a specialist for the Slovenian language, the translators at Versus have top qualifications and all of the necessary experience to ensure that your translation is faithful to the original.

Translation from / into Slovenian

Versus translators help you fulfil your needs for translations from and into Slovenian. We know from experience that certification is usually required for contracts, court rulings, registry excerpts, bank documents, personal documents, and diplomas – and we can take care of that with ease. We are also at your disposal for all other certifications and are here to answer your questions related to court interpreters for Slovenian.

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Although it may seem that people from the Balkans can understand Slovenian language, since it belongs to the group of Slavic languages, you still will find that you need the services of good translator. Keep in mind that, when speaking, Slovenians use 46 dialects, classified into seven regional groups. Despite the fact that only 2.3 million people call Slovenian their mother tongue, differences among some dialect are so large that speakers find it difficult to understand each other.

Due to this unusual feature, as well as other peculiarities of this language, we suggest that you hire experts in situations involving negotiations, meetings, and official gatherings. Versus has many years of experience, as well as all the necessary conference equipment for interpreting. We also offer you, quickly and under favourable conditions, translation services of business documents, scientific and professional papers, books and textbooks, audio and video materials, internet and catalogue presentations, personal and business correspondence, medical documentation, and more. 

Slovenian, although close to others in the region, is unique. It kept the dual forms from its history (used for two objects, beings or concepts). It’s interesting to point out that Slovenian doesn’t have any endemic swear words – they have been borrowed from surrounding languages. Slovenians are very proud of their language, which has connected the population and served as the basis for the creation of a state and its survival.

Pleasantly surprise your Slovenian partners by translating letters, requests and similar materials for establishing and maintaining contacts. We suggest that you avoid the use of German, English, or Italian and use our translators for everything you find important for personal, business or professional relations from / into Slovenian. We are at your disposal for all types and quantities of translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, as well as translations of audio and written materials.



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Why entrust your translation to our agency?

Thanks to our agency’s many years of experience, your translation will be completely faithful to the original while still sounding natural and adhering to the new language’s linguistic and cultural conventions.

You will receive your translation on time and in accordance with our agreement, regardless of the quantity, type of translation, area of ​​translation, and language pair.

At Versus, we insist on healthy cooperation. We will thoroughly study your documents, and realistically respond to your expectations, doing our best to meet all of your specific requirements.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Sve pohvale!

Sve pohvale, detaljni i profesionalni. Prevod koji sam od njih dobila je beprekoran.

Svetlana Stojiljković


I am delighted by the efficiency, professionalism and speed at which the agency is delivering translations. Overall, I cannot recommend them strongly enough!


Veoma ekspeditivni

Jasni, koncizni, veoma ekspeditivni.... Very good recommendations!

Sonja Đurković

Precizni i tačni!

Jako ljubazni, precizni, tačni, sve pohvale!

Jadranka Marinković

You can rely on them 100%

It is with much pleasure that we are recommending the services of Versus Translation Agency. We have nothing but praise to say about them. They do an excellent job, always meet deadlines, and are always kind.

Katarina, Bank of China Serbia a.d.

Brza usluga

Brza usluga, poštovanje rokova, stručni prevodi. Za svaku preporuku!

Tamara Žujović


Versus Agency is the best one, so effective, business like, professional! All the compliments for the five star service rendered!

Fady Fayad, Lebanon

True language professionals

They are well organized and provide excellent translation services! I warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for true language professionals!

Ana Panic

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