On average, visitors spend no longer than three seconds browsing a website—unless the content they see interests them. How can you set yourself apart from millions of competitors?

Copywriting is the skill of creating specific content for consumption in special conditions and in a convenient way. What is it about?

Whether your website or social media profile aims to sell a specific product or service, or you are simply marketing the message you want to get across, it needs to stand out from millions of competitors and attract internet users who may or may not want your service or product.

You ONLY need to stand out from the rest.

Creativity and diversity is crucial when it comes to writing texts for websites or social networks. Not all writers are creative, and not all translators are capable of it. Finally, not all copywriting texts are applicable to everyone. But one thing is for sure, we all recognize innovation when we come across it.

Our website copywriting team can offer you creative solutions depending on your needs. We guarantee full commitment to understanding your work and the message you want to convey to the market.

We create unique content for you through marketing with creative writing. Try us.

Our good business is your good business!


The way we do modern business has pushed content writing to the forefront, since the internet is the first (and sometimes only) place people go to for information.


Za vas smo pripremili
nešto specijalno

Kod nas dobijate pripremljene objave za društvene mreže
na srpskom i engleskom jeziku, uz obradu fotografija ili bez ovog dela.
Možemo da vodimo vaše profile i kreiramo objave ili
da radimo samo prevode na već osmišljeno. Za koji ste paket?
Mini package
  • Prevod na engleski već pripremljenih postova
  • FB & IG objave - do 3 nedeljno
  • 1 reklamna kampanja na engleskom
Pro package
  • Vođenje stranica - objave na srpskom i engleskom
  • FB & IG objave - do 3 nedeljno
  • Priprema fotografija
  • 1 reklamna kampanja
Premium package
  • Vođenje stranica - objave na srpskom i engleskom
  • FB & IG objava - do 3 nedeljno
  • LinkedIn članak & blog - 2 mesečno
  • Priprema fotografija

A možda ste za sasvim nešto treće!

Evo šta kažu naši klijenti o saradnji sa nama:

Jako smo zadovoljni!

Jako smo zadovoljni sa uslugom agencije Versus te se možemo u potpunosti u njih pouzdati: brzi, tačni, kvalitetan prevod.

Jovan Kantar, Izvršni direktor Srpskog Atletskog Saveza

Sve pohvale!

Sve pohvale, detaljni i profesionalni. Prevod koji sam od njih dobila je beprekoran.

Svetlana Stojiljković


I am delighted by the efficiency, professionalism and speed at which the agency is delivering translations. Overall, I cannot recommend them strongly enough!


Veoma ekspeditivni

Jasni, koncizni, veoma ekspeditivni.... Very good recommendations!

Sonja Đurković

Precizni i tačni!

Jako ljubazni, precizni, tačni, sve pohvale!

Jadranka Marinković

You can rely on them 100%

It is with much pleasure that we are recommending the services of Versus Translation Agency. We have nothing but praise to say about them. They do an excellent job, always meet deadlines, and are always kind.

Katarina, Bank of China Serbia a.d.

Brza usluga

Brza usluga, poštovanje rokova, stručni prevodi. Za svaku preporuku!

Tamara Žujović


Versus Agency is the best one, so effective, business like, professional! All the compliments for the five star service rendered!

Fady Fayad, Lebanon

True language professionals

They are well organized and provide excellent translation services! I warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for true language professionals!

Ana Panić

Profesionalni pre svega

Super detaljni i profesionalni, rokovi veoma dobri i veoma se postuju.

Ana, Soravia Management, NEW MILL


Veoma brzi,precizni, poslovni.. Svima topla preporuka

Andrea Zogovic



Owing to our agency’s long-term cooperation with numerous translators,
our translation center can offer highly specialized translations into and from over 40 languages:

uk flag


The official language of many countries and one of the world's most widely spoken languages, English is the most sought after language in our agency.
germany flag


German accuracy, precision, and consistency can also be found in our translations.
russia flag


We usually translate project, medical, technical, and tender documentation from / into Russian.
france flag


Translations into French are particularly demanding due to the varied use of phrases and idioms, depending on the country to which the document is being sent.
italy flag


Italy, as a leading European foreign trade partner, requires properly translated documents.
spain flag


Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, so it is not surprising that there is significant demand for this language.
greece flag


Thanks to its location, many countries have traditional friendships and professional relationships with Greece, which explains the great demand for translation from / into Greek.
slovakia flag


Whether it's communication with business partners or translating personal or business documents from / into Slovenian, we can help.