Our translation and localization services

With an abundance of translated and localized projects behind us, we are proud to say we have had a chance to refine our trade. We offer various translation services, such tender documents
and the translation of professional literature in various fields,
including construction, architecture, traffic, energy, IT, consulting, and marketing. What kind of translation do you need?
prevodilacke usluge

Specialist translations

The translators in our team are familiar with terminology from professional fields and have significant experience in law, finance, medicine, marketing, traffic, architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and much more.

Guaranteeing the quality of a translation and localization service means carefully selecting professionals with expertise in the relative field for each assignment. Quality is embedded in our system of values. In addition to a professional translator, we also have the support of industry professionals. Large projects involve the engagement of expert consultants.


We offer Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services to enhance the accuracy and quality of machine- translated content. Our experienced translators review and edit the text, ensuring smooth and accurate reading in the target language. With affordable rates, our services are ideal for improving your website, marketing materials, and other translated content. Experience the perfect blend of machine efficiency and human touch with our MTPE services, designed to take your translations to the next level.


SEO translation

Transform your website into a multilingual powerhouse with our SEO translation service. By conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing on-page elements, your search engine rankings will be improved and your overall website effectiveness enhanced. Don’t let language barriers limit your online success. Combine this service with our other offerings like post-editing, copywriting, and specialist translations for a customized solution that meets your business goals.


Translations certified by a court interpreter

A court interpreter’s stamp ensures that a translated document maintains its validity. Regardless of whether you need a certification for personal, company, or technical documents, be sure that the court interpreter to whom you have entrusted your documents guarantees the quality of the translation as backed by years of experience, in addition to the stamp and signature.

usluge prevodjenja sa overom sudskog tumaca
prevodi marketinskih tekstova

Translation of texts and marketing content

Whether it is advertising slogans or a thesis cover, a text with general terms or a literary text, outstanding translation skills are crucial in conveying your message properly. Our team of translators will, first and foremost, take into account the target language’s linguistic peculiarities and harmonize the original text to fit seamlessly.

Specialist translation services require a translator with diverse language skills and knowledge of the context and environment into which the text message is transmitted.

Editing, proofreading, and correction


Editing involves revising the very structure of the text, reworking and replacing sentences or even paragraphs in order to form the text more adequately into a coherent whole.


Proofreading includes minor text changes, stylistic upgrades, and refining details. Proofreading a translation is usually done by an expert in the target language, which, and as a rule, should not be the same person who translated the document.


Correction includes correcting typos, slips, and any minor omissions in the text.

usluge lekture
usluge usmenog prevodjenja


If you are looking for an interpreter for an upcoming gathering (conference, seminar, business forum, and so on), with expertise in one of the mentioned areas – you are in the right place.

Equipment for conference interpreting

If you need simultaneous interpreting for your gathering, Versus Agency, in addition to interpreting services, can also provide all the necessary equipment.

We provide light, prefabricated cabins for simultaneous interpreting, video monitoring, headsets, sound systems, interpreting desks, and more.

You can find everything you need for simultaneous interpreting with us, all in one place.

oprema za konferencijsko prevodjenje
usluge pisanja veb sadrzaja


The way we do modern business has pushed content writing to the forefront, since the internet is the first (and sometimes only) place people go to for information.

At Versus Translations, we also offer different types of writing services and digital marketing content creation in accordance with your needs.

Why choose our translation and localization services?

No matter what kind of translation services you need,
you can always expect the following from Versus Agency:

A Quick and Clear Offer

For more information on how to order a translation, visit
How to order a translation

A Project Manager

A person dedicated
to your translation

Quality Translations

Consultation with relevant
expert associates

On Time Delivery

Your set deadline is
our set deadline
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The official language of many countries and one of the world's most widely spoken languages, English is the most sought after language in our agency.
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German accuracy, precision, and consistency can also be found in our translations.
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We usually translate project, medical, technical, and tender documentation from / into Russian.
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Translations into French are particularly demanding due to the varied use of phrases and idioms, depending on the country to which the document is being sent.
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Italy, as a leading European foreign trade partner, requires properly translated documents.
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Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, so it is not surprising that there is significant demand for this language.
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Areas of translation

Regardless of what kind of professional translation service you need, whether you need interpretation for conference, translated marketing content, or specialized documents, within Versus Translation Agency we cooperate with professional and reliable translators who, in addition to specializing in the type of the translation you need, also have many years of experience in the following areas:
Translation related to computing and IT requires a specific combination of expertise, experience, and up-to-date information, as well as exceptional speed.
<u>Finance and Banking</u>
We are experts in financial and banking terminology, insurance, and investments.
<u>Manufacturing and Trade</u>
This area requires technical language specific to the industry and specific products, their components, and production technologies.
We have proudly translated over 50,000 pages in the field of motor vehicle type approval (vehicle equipment and parts) as well as railway traffic.
<u>Medical and Pharmaceutical</u>
Translation in the field of medicine and pharmacy must be approached systematically, with great seriousness, responsibility, and knowledge.
<u>Energy and Environmental Protection</u>
Versus Agency is able to offer you the most diverse types of translations in the field of energy and environmental protection, in accordance with the specific needs of your organization.
<u>Civil Engineering and Architecture</u>
We are proud of our 30,000+ translated pages in this area, and the hundreds of satisfied engineers that have supported this.
<u>Electrical Engineering and IT</u>
Translation related to computing and IT requires a specific combination of expertise, experience, and up-to-date information, as well as exceptional speed.
<u>Internet Marketing and Advertising</u>
We provide translation of websites, blog posts, online stores, webinars, advertising texts, and catalogs.

Our goal is for you to be proud to call us your partner and use our translation and localization services, which stand out for their excellence, as well as to enjoy a friendly and professional experience.

Tatjana Milanovic

Our clients' testimonials speak for themselves:

Jako smo zadovoljni!

Jako smo zadovoljni sa uslugom agencije Versus te se možemo u potpunosti u njih pouzdati: brzi, tačni, kvalitetan prevod.

Jovan Kantar, Izvršni direktor Srpskog Atletskog Saveza

Sve pohvale!

Sve pohvale, detaljni i profesionalni. Prevod koji sam od njih dobila je beprekoran.

Svetlana Stojiljković


I am delighted by the efficiency, professionalism and speed at which the agency is delivering translations. Overall, I cannot recommend them strongly enough!


Veoma ekspeditivni

Jasni, koncizni, veoma ekspeditivni.... Very good recommendations!

Sonja Đurković

Precizni i tačni!

Jako ljubazni, precizni, tačni, sve pohvale!

Jadranka Marinković

You can rely on them 100%

It is with much pleasure that we are recommending the services of Versus Translation Agency. We have nothing but praise to say about them. They do an excellent job, always meet deadlines, and are always kind.

Katarina, Bank of China Serbia a.d.

Brza usluga

Brza usluga, poštovanje rokova, stručni prevodi. Za svaku preporuku!

Tamara Žujović


Versus Agency is the best one, so effective, business like, professional! All the compliments for the five star service rendered!

Fady Fayad, Lebanon

True language professionals

They are well organized and provide excellent translation services! I warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for true language professionals!

Ana Panic

Profesionalni pre svega

Super detaljni i profesionalni, rokovi veoma dobri i veoma se postuju.

Ana, Soravia Management, NEW MILL


Veoma brzi,precizni, poslovni.. Svima topla preporuka

Andrea Zogovic

Only 3 STEPS

How to order a translation



Dokumenta možete dostaviti skenirana putem mejla (Viber, WhatsApp) ili u bilo kom drugom ulaznom formatu i/ili doneti ih lično u našu kancelariju u toku radnog vremena, zakazivanje nije potrebno. Naglasite:

  •       na koji jezik se prevodi dokumentacija
  •       da li je potrebna overa sudskog tumača
  •       rok za izvršenje prevoda ili projektnog zadatka
  •       kontakt osobu i telefon.


Pre donošenja ili slanja dokumenta za prevod, proverite da li je potrebno da se na isti stavi Apostil pečat (Apostille), s obzirom da se i on prevodi. Apostil se može dobiti u Prvom osnovnom sudu


Ukoliko prevod ide sa overom sudskog tumača, originalnu dokumentaciju možete doneti naknadno na uvid i spajanje sa prevodom.



Nakon određivanja tačnog broja prevodilačkih strana, oblasti prevođenja i ostalih pojedinosti koje utiču na konačnu cenu prevoda – šaljemo ponudu koja uključuje rok i cenu.


U našem cenovniku možete videti cene za grupe jezika koje važe za jednu prevodilačku stranu. Prevodilačka strana iznosi 1800 karaktera sa razmacima ili 250 reči (Word Count) i može u manjoj ili većoj meri da se razlikuje od fizičke strane dokumenta.


Rok za izradu prevoda do 3 strane je jedan do dva radna dana. Za više dokumenata, rok se određuje u zavisnosti od raspoloživosti naših prevodioca i tumača. Kod projektnih zadataka smo uglavnom fleksibilni sa rokovima i u većini slučajeva izlazimo u susret Naručiocu posla.



Nakon potvrde u pisanoj formi da vam odgovaraju rok i cena, počinjemo sa radom.  Po završetku prevoda, obaveštavamo kontakt osobu o završetku prevoda  / projektnog zadatka i iznosu za plaćanje. Prevod dokumenata možete preuzeti ili ga možete dobiti u formi pdf-a na email ukoliko je uplata prethodno registrovana ili vam prevedena dokumenta možemo poslati našom kurirskom ili Post Express službom.


Za veći obim posla odobravamo procentualne popuste, a okvirnu cenu prevoda vašeg dokumenta možete BESPLATNO izračunati ovde.

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    VersusContact info
    Office – NOVI BEOGRAD

    011 770 5519

    065 844 5066


    14 lj / 6 Jurija Gagarina Street,
    Sunflower (Suncokret) Building, Belville,
    11070 Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia

    Office – DOWNTOWN

    011 408 1 000

    065 844 5064


    Stanoja Glavaša 29, office 4
    Palilula, 11000 Belgrade

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