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Greece's expansive traditional friendships with many countries accounts for the great demand for translation from / into Greek.

Friendly cooperation with Greece in all fields, including a wide range of economic exchanges, accounts for the great demand for translation from / into Greek.

Although many internationally accepted words have their roots in Greek, the language represents a completely independent branch of the Indo-European family and has no direct connection with other languages. The Greek alphabet is completely original, and the richness of the language’s vocabulary is exceptional.

Versus Agency provides quality translation and localization services for every opportunity.

We can translate a variety of documents (business and personal), as well as different types of content and materials that will make your business stand out on the international market.

Translation from / into Greek

In the case of Greece, there is a unique addition to the usual list of import-export contracts and arrangements that are commonly found for bilateral cooperation – the purchase and sale of real estate. We have had an increasing number of inquiries for translation from citizens all over the world who are buying apartments and houses in Greece. Then there are travel agencies and agricultural importers and exporters.

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Translation and localization specialists at Versus will quickly and professionally take care of your business documents. We should remind you that we are the leading language service provider in South-Eastern Europe, based in Belgrade, the heart of the region, in a neighborhood that has become synonymous with business meetings and decision-making.

Translations from / into Greek require dedicated experts with excellent knowledge of the local language and grammatical rules. Our translators, employed at Versus, are precisely such experts.

We are ready and technically equipped to help you at any time with translation and interpreting, in business or personal matters, for individual or reoccurring events. We translate documents and correspondence, academic texts, instructions, films, and books, all for you, cheaply and in the shortest possible timeframe. Also, keep in mind congresses, consultations, and other gatherings, where we gladly provide full support.

As we always advise those that take advantage of our services, we remind you that, in many situations with both business and private relationships, addressing partners in their native language can be greatly beneficial. English may sometimes be used as a substitute, but we recommend that, even when not specifically required, you use Greek with your Greek partners. 

Let us translate texts for your business and personal needs with the greatest care, dedication, precision, and responsibility, because we respect the unique attributes of the language known only to connoisseurs. 

Prevod sa grčkog na srpski jezik


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Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Sve pohvale!

Sve pohvale, detaljni i profesionalni. Prevod koji sam od njih dobila je beprekoran.

Svetlana Stojiljković


I am delighted by the efficiency, professionalism and speed at which the agency is delivering translations. Overall, I cannot recommend them strongly enough!


Veoma ekspeditivni

Jasni, koncizni, veoma ekspeditivni.... Very good recommendations!

Sonja Đurković

Precizni i tačni!

Jako ljubazni, precizni, tačni, sve pohvale!

Jadranka Marinković

You can rely on them 100%

It is with much pleasure that we are recommending the services of Versus Translation Agency. We have nothing but praise to say about them. They do an excellent job, always meet deadlines, and are always kind.

Katarina, Bank of China Serbia a.d.

Brza usluga

Brza usluga, poštovanje rokova, stručni prevodi. Za svaku preporuku!

Tamara Žujović


Versus Agency is the best one, so effective, business like, professional! All the compliments for the five star service rendered!

Fady Fayad, Lebanon

True language professionals

They are well organized and provide excellent translation services! I warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for true language professionals!

Ana Panic

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How to order a translation



Submit scanned documents electronically (via email, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.), or bring paper copies to our office during business hours, no appointment required. Simply state:

  •       The language into which the documentation is to be translated
  •       The deadline for the translation or project assignment
  •       A contact person and phone number



After determining the exact number of translation pages, the area, and other details that affect the final price, we will send a quote that includes the deadline and fee.


In our price list you can see prices for various language groups, valid for one word of the source text.


The deadline for producing a translation of up to 750 words is one to two business days. For multiple documents, the deadline is determined depending on the availability of our translation and localization specialists. For project assignments, we generally accommodate our clients with deadlines and in most cases we meet their requests.



After confirmation in writing that the deadline and price are acceptable for you, we start the work. We notify the contact person upon completion and send an invoice for payment. Upon payment, you can download the translated documents, or receive them in pdf form by email.


For a larger volume of work we offer percentage discounts. You can calculate the approximate price of your document for FREE here:

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